Sony RX100 Video Wet Lenses Kit – AD Mount

Video Rig Draft v2

This includes the wet lenses in my first Mark I video rig as listed:

  • Custom M67-ADF adapter (this is my modified version not the 10bar or divervision that will scratch your port)
  • Inon UWL-105AD (the widest lens for the RX100 I/II video with 105 degrees FOV in steadyshot active mode)
  • Original Inon neoprene Pouch
  • Ikelite Blue and Green water filters push on for UWL-105AD
  • Inon UCL-165AD  (12.5 minimum working distance 1.1:1 in video)
  • Inon AD double lens holder (as shown in the image)

Lenses and filters are in mint conditions with no scratches or watermarks and all boxed except the wide angle

To have an idea of what footage you can take with this have a look at those  videos

(Pygmy seahorses required two lenses stacked)

Also included remote set up and usage support

NOTE: the wet lenses only work with the RX100 in active steadyshot mode, other cameras will vignette severely

Price  £300  + shipping

7 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Video Wet Lenses Kit – AD Mount”

  1. Hi Interceptor,
    I’m interested in this lense kit. I have a RX100M2 with a cheap meikon housing. Can I expect good results with this kit or is the UWL-H100 28LD a must? I want to shot photos and videos with the same configuration.
    Ih the items are still availibale, please send me the prize inclusive transportation costs to Switzerland.
    Thanks and kind regards

  2. I am interested in your ADF to 67M adapter for the UFL165AD.
    Can you give me the cost including shipping to Australia.

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