4K with the Sony RX100 in Egypt



It was time to go for a second trip with the RX100 Mark IV

I decided last minute to use the UWL-H100 LD however I managed to forget the M67-LD converter so ended up taking footage holding the wet lens with my left hand.

This created some flare issues in some scenes anyway judge for yourself.

I used the Picture Profile PP6 modified with some small changes around color matrix (I used the Pro setting) and some increased saturation.

As always the RX100 cannot white balance underwater so I used a filter (deeproof), this gives a magenta tinge and sometime the water looked a bit purple.
I have two versions of this clip the first one uncorrected and the second where I tried to remove the purple water. Look for yourself which one is best.

First version with minimal to no editing is here


The second version has some colour correction mostly to remove the cast but I have also done some minimal correction in some scenes at the surface shot without filter.

The other settings were shutter speed 1/50 fixed, Auto ISO with max ISO set to 800, auto white balance.

Generally I am very happy with the RX100 however the snorkeling footage was affected by one episode of fogging of the glass port. This was during a dolphin trip so very disappointing. The camera got extremely hot and I think the fact I was holding my hand close to the port to hold the wetlens created the problem as this had never occurred before.

Upon reflection I think I will go back to the UWL-100 M67 type two as the colours I get with the magic filter were superior in my opinion and more natural.

For those wondering about the dugong dugong it was dark as I was free-diving to 12 meters with the camera and the wet lens hand held so not the easiest job.

Let me know which version of the video you prefer!

7 thoughts on “4K with the Sony RX100 in Egypt”

  1. Hi Interceptor121, thanks for sharing so many tips on your excellent blog. I am currently after a whole new setup. Would you still recommend the Rx100 iv or v despite the video overheating problems which are written about online? I take mainly stills on full manual, with two strobes and wet lenses, but do like to take a few video clips each dive, of around 1-2 minutes each.
    My other choice would be the Canon G9xii or the Olympus Em5ii as the price has come down considerably. What are your thoughts?

    1. The biggest advantage of the RX100 is that you do not need a port system. The overheating issue only occurs at 4K and to be honest as casual video shooter I would shoot just HD. If you decide that you want to invest in a port system then the Olympus EM5II takes better picture with the appropriate lens. I would not use a micro four third camera for still images with wet lenses, but for video it would be a good choice. Take into account that the Olympus video quality is sub-par. Have you considered the Panasonic GX7 mark II?

      1. This is really helpful thank you! So on 1080p the overheating issues arent as bad? I would agree that I am a casual video user and I would also mount my GoPro on top.
        I did have a look at the GX7ii but unfortunately with only the Nauticam housing available it is out of budget. The EM5ii in Olympus housing with kit lens is only a couple of hundred more than the rx100 v with Fantasea housing but would obviously need more longer term investment. It sounds like the best all rounder choice would be the Sony…
        Thanks so much again for the advice and awesome blog.

      2. On 1080p there are no problems at all and performance at 24/25p is excellent. To be honest I would be looking to a second hand Mark II if you are happy with stills and HD video on nauticam housing

  2. Hello,

    Does the Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Type 2 suffer from vignetting when the camera is at its widest setting of 24mm and in use with a Nauticam housing? Thanks very much!

  3. Hi thanks for your very helpful posts.

    If I wanted to avoid the magenta tinge is there a filter you would suggest or a change in the colour settings?

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