Panasonic LX7 Photo Rig

This is a more conventional photo rig that can also take macro video and ambient light wide angle video. It will of course not be possible to take close wide angle shots properly with just one light. This set up features the excellent but super heavy Inon UWL-H100 with hood and the new Inon UCL100 both on LD bayonet mount. Those lenses together give a combined weight of 500 grams in water more than one pound just for the lenses!!!

Photo Rig Front
Photo Rig Front

Equipment Details:

    • Panasonic LX7
    • Nauticam LX7 Housing
    • One Sola video 1200
    • Inon UCL100
    • Inon UWL-H100
    • Inon LD Lens Holder
    • 1/2″ Locline Arm segments
    • cold shoe 3/4 locline base
    • 3/4 to 1/2 reducer
    • TR-DM tray
    • Three clamps
    • One 5″ arm segment
    • One 8″ arm segment
    • YS ball adapter

Sea and Sea YS-01 Strobe

Photo Rig Rear
Photo Rig Rear

This set up is capable of great macro with the +10 Inon UCL100 and decent wide angle with the 100 degrees of the Inon UWL-H100. This lens could also get a dome addition but I am concerned that this will vignette severely due to the very large LX7 lens.

This set up has 5 STIX jumbo floats, of which 3 are on the long arm segment, one on the cold shoe arm and a last one on the tray itself. This rig should be around 450 grams or one pound negative in water.

Some pictures taken with this set up



11 thoughts on “Panasonic LX7 Photo Rig”

  1. Hi, nice set up, i’ve been reading your blog, since you have a good overview over LX7, as I am looking to buy one. I have question though, how is the macro ability of LX7? And besides battery issue, how is LX7 compared to S110?


    1. Out of the box close up ability of the lx7 is excellent and the camera focus mechanism very good. With a close up lens you are penalised by the lack of zoom that is limited to 90mm. If you look at video the S110 offers basic exposure compensation and 24p only so really poor. If you are looking at still pictures the S110 has an advantage as it can support fisheye lenses whilst the LX7 stops at flat wide angle. If you want a camera for video and close up work get an LX7 if you shoot still pictures at very wide end like wrecks with two strobes you can consider an S110. But to be honest for stills at wide end I would get a Sony RX100

      1. Thank you for the reply. RX100 is out for me since its more expensive. Since I took more photos than videos, it looks that S110 is more suitable for me because it will do better macro and wide, am I correct? I really need advice from the expert like you. Cheers

      2. Not exactly the S110 is more versatile than the LX7 and gives more magnification or field if view with wet lenses but the image quality and focus ability are worse. However if your budget is limited and you shoot a bit everything the S110 is the best value for money in that segment. Just make sure you have plenty of spare batteries

  2. Thank you very much for your reply. You really help me a lot. By the way really love your Raja Ampat video, just get back from Raja Ampat but I didn’t get as much rare creature as you (my g12 flooded on this trip LOL).

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