Panasonic LX7 Video Rig

This is my new video rig set up based on an idea found on Scubaboard. Mike saw a tripod like set up and asked Ultralight system to design one with their components so I have taken this forward here with a few changes.

Video Rig Front View
Video Rig Front View

Equipment Details:

  • Panasonic LX7
  • Nauticam LX7 Housing
  • Two Sola video 1200
  • Inon UCL165
  • Nauticam Wet Mate
  • Inon M67 Lens Holder
  • 1/2″ Locline Arms

Tray and Tripod Details Ultralight Parts

  • TR-DM tray wit TR-DUP extension
  • Two TR-DH handles with 1/4 20 TPI screws
  • Two 1/4 20 Female Ball Base
  • One 1/4 20 Ball base with screw and washer
  • BA-FBd 1/4 20 two hole plate
  • Three Clamps
  • Two 5″ Arm Segments
  • One 8″ Arm Segment

This set up is pretty heavy in water so it needs some floats, though as a tripod it probably needs to be more negative. Personally I prefer to push it down and stay close to the camera instead of leaving it on its own.

Floats should be placed on arms or on the top part of our rig. I used to have floats on the tray but now with the amount of balls and clamps it was impossible to position them easily so I use the cold shoe and few 1/2″locline segment to hang two STIX jumbo floats. This provides a buoyancy of 0.7 lbs or 317 grams. This should offset most of the housing with camera and the tray and handles though not completely.

Float Detail
Float Detail

Another option is to place a float just before the Sola light on the locline arm. This provides another 160 grams lift, this is more than the weight of the Sola 1200 in water of just a little.

Light Float Detail
Light Float Detail

If we had to leave it like this the set up would be around 645 grams or 1.4 lbs negative that for me is to much so I placed two large STIX floats on each leg, the larger jumbo would not fit nicely.

Tripod Leg Detail
Tripod Leg Detail

Hopefully this will be easy to handle in water as it seems to be on land.

This is the top view

Top View Video Rig
Top View Video Rig

This set up should be around 450 grams or 1 lbs negative. I foresee some drag issue in current we will see what happens.

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