Lembeh Video Feature Panasonic LX7

This will be my last production with the LX7 as the camera has been sold together with the Nauticam housing

Few weeks ago I was contacted by Juerg at Luxury Grooves


So this video is a first cooperation maybe not the last

In this feature I have extensively used the transformer tray as in the image

Transformer Tray
Transformer Tray

Other than that the usual great performance from the LX7 with up to +16 diopters!!!

UCL100 on Nauticam housing LX7
UCL100 on Nauticam housing LX7

Check some of the super macro it is not bad at all


5 thoughts on “Lembeh Video Feature Panasonic LX7”

  1. Thanks for sharing….this is exceptional video for a point and shoot….the macro is super!!

    Mike Phillips

    1. I sold the LX7 after two trips. Great camera very easy to use for video. I now have the RX100 Mark II as far as I can see there are many improvements especially as now you can shoot 24p the image quality in the corners is also much sharper even if the lens is the same. Depth of field will remain an issue for macro video but I now have a tripod solution to address that
      Am going to post a full description of my rig and why I chose the parts I have soon
      Saw your lembeh shots excellent work

      1. I’m considering whether to buy another RX100 as a backup that the price is lower now. Also my girl friend’s old Panasonic was flooded in Lembeh so considering a new rig, thus thinking about the LX7 after your posts. Now will wait for your Mark II post before I make the decision.

        Thanks! Lembeh is always a blast!!

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