Nauticam NA-LX100 Pricing Confirmed

It is official now the prices of the NA-LX100 are confirmed

in US $1,200 for the housing with flat port, $180 for the wide short port and $350 for the 3.5″ acrylic dome.

In UK £920 for the housing and flat port, £150 for the wide short port and most likely £290 for the dome.

Which means we can now update the GH4 comparisons for 4K

Super Wide

Panasonic LX100  $899 NA-LX100 $1,200 with Short Port $180 and Wet lens Inon UWL-H100 $522

Panasonic GH4 with 7-14mm and 6″ dome $2750 housing and port only plus camera and lens $2,399

The max field of view of the two options is almost the same however you can’t zoom the LX100 due to the zoom lock on the housing.

LX100 $2,801

GH4 $5,149

Price Difference $2,348

Mid range

Panasonic LX100 $899 housing $1,200  3.5″ dome circa $350

Panasonic GH4 with 12-35mm and 6″ dome $2750 housing and port Camera and Lens $2,399

The LX100 is wider in 4K at 26-81mm vs 28-81mm of the GH4

LX100 $2,449

GH4 $5,149

Price Difference $2,700

Close Up

Panasonic LX100 with NA-LX100 rectangular port $2,099

Panasonic GH4 with 14-42 and 35 macro port $1,815 housing and port $2,680

The GH4 will have more magnification due to the longer focal length with the same diopter.

LX100 $2,099

GH4 $4,495

Price Difference $2,396

The gap is still significant even with the price increase ranging between $2348 and $2700.

I still have some concerns on the 3.5″ acrylic dome for the LX100 as I am not sure about focus distance. If this port works with the full zoom it is definitely the most appealing for video but we will need to check this out.



4 thoughts on “Nauticam NA-LX100 Pricing Confirmed”

  1. I’ve been using a pre-production housing this week in the Bahamas, and have the 3.5″ dome port. Early testing indicates this is able to focus between 24-40mm. I actually found this range useful with the tigers, lemons, and caribbean reef sharks, which was a little surprising given that I’m used to wider lenses with these subjects. The tighter coverage angle is nice to have at times.

    Subjectively, I really like this camera. The video is beautiful when properly exposed, and I’ve never been able to get color this good using ambient light only with another compact.

    “Continuous AF” in movie mode is the best I’ve ever used. Not infallible, but better than any other still camera I’ve used (including 7D Mk II with Canon Dual Pixel AF).

    The GH4 comparison here doesn’t really take in image quality differences, and I feel they are significant. GH4 does quite a bit better at high iso, especially if underexposed a bit for nice blue water backgrounds. Access to extreme focal lengths like 8mm fisheye and 60mm macro enables shots at the wide angle and macro extremes.

    1. Ryan did you try to use macro mode to focus closer? Focussing at 40mm is not really that interesting maybe the lens needs a diopter to focus closer. It looks like the LX100 has several limitations in terms of ergonomics more than a camera with interchangeable lenses and definitely not a good performer for stills so all in all a niche product

  2. Did you have the chance to try the flip diopter holder?
    Would it be the best solution for macro and supermacro for the LX100 system?

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