Grenada Trip First LX7 release

I have just completed the first draft of the clips taken with the LX7 in my trip last week. Links are here:

Youtube may not work in some cases so use vimeo instead

For who wants to know the lens choice for wide angle was as follows

Wet mate: Molinere Sculpture Park, Purple Rain, Veronica L, Shark Reef

Inon UWL-H100: Bianca C (28-40 meters) , Northern Exposures, Southern Comfort, Quarter Wreck, Shake’em (20-32 meters)

You can see in the section of the Veronica L that missing those extra degrees field of view did not allow me to take the full wreck by side even if it was not that big. On couple of reef dives I already had the Inon on the previous wreck dive so I left it you can compare performance of the two lenses in terms of sharpness and flare. Generally I feel the wet mate has less flare and is sharper however it does have an issue of reflections as covered in the previous post.

As always I have used iMovie to edit the AVCHD progressive files that I converted to normal mp4 using the workflow in a previous post. There are no dramatic alterations of colour or exposure and no stabilization has been run in any part of the video (in some parts like the snake eel moving it shows) all was done with custom white balance using the camera functionality, considering how deep were some of the wrecks this is very good I believe.

I would love your comments this was mostly an exploration trip so it is interesting to compare to the RX100 Raja Ampat videos

8 thoughts on “Grenada Trip First LX7 release”

  1. Hi Massimo

    Thanks for posting the LX7 clips….very nice, I do think the macro with the Shrimp is outstanding… great detail. The wider shots of the ship(s) are more a matter of light in that the viz did not look to be all that stellar. The closer clips where your light has an impact the detail was very good and it carried as far as light would let it…..I personally think that light and viz had as much or more to do with the impact in clarity than the function of the LX7. For myself having shot the RX100 video on the Tiger Shark encounter at Tiger Banks using the FIX Dome Port where there was plenty of light and the water was very clear, I think the LX7 wide detail is at least equal for the Wide clips and much better for macro in the detail on the shrimp and the Snake Eel. Just my humble opinion…..thanks again for your education and effort in doing this, it is great for comparison and knowledge.

    Mike Phillips

    1. Hi Mike many thanks for your feedback. You are right visibility was at best 20 meters and in the site with the shrimps there was not only sand swell but also a lot of krill in the water. The fix lens with dome will be as sharp as it can get with the RX100 and comparing a clear water shot in the Bahamas to my recent clip would be unfair. I was looking at my own Raja Ampat RX100 videos where conditions were similar and the colors are better (as the reefs were more colorful) but I think the wide angle image softer with the RX100. For macro I agree with you the LX7 is very strong I shot all with auto-focus once the close up lens had locked in. With the RX100 I never used auto focus for macro it was always manual focus with peaking. Still the lack of fisheye option for the LX7 is a limitation for pictures only in so far visibility is not good and you don’t have a strong strobe

  2. Hi,

    first of all thanks for your blog. It helped me a lot to find my next camera. Did you had a chance to try the lx7 with the inon lenses ufl 165 or uwl 150? i use now the ufl – 165 and i would like to keep it with the new set up as well. or is it just fine with the rx100?

    1. There is a post in the archive about wet lenses for the LX7. The Inon UFL165AD does not work well with the LX7 in fact none of the AD lenses work except the diopters, the vignetting is so bad you need to step zoom to 50mm at that point the field of view is gone. The only lens working with the LX7 is the Inon UWL-H100

      1. thanks a lot. so i think if i want to keep my old stuff i have to pick the sony rx 100.

  3. Hi Intercepor. It is difficult to say which quality is better ,Rx100 or Lx7. In gerneral it seems like the Lx7 has less noise while it seems like the Rx100 is capturing better the colous and details.For Macro I think the Lx7 is sharper.
    Tomorrow probably will do my first recording with the Rx100 with not extra wet lens for now.
    Visibiliity here, at Nothern Spain is not usually good so I do not expect great results.I will let you know the outcome.

    1. I believe the difference in colors are due to the fact the the RX100 has pretty aggressive contrast and sharpening compared to the LX7. I also used auto dynamic range optimizer on the RX100 and on the LX7 I set this to OFF. Finally Raja Ampat just has more colors than Grenada!

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