Getting the best underwater colours for your 4K Sony RX100 Mark IV

It is not a mystery that even the new Mark IV version has issues with custom white balance.

The ergonomics have not changed and you need to go into photo mode to set custom white balance but generally underwater results are poor. Using filters is therefore a necessity also on the new 4K version.

RX100 Mark IV Video Behavior

The RX100 offers now a 4K 100 mbps mode and can use picture profiles.

I have used a modified version of PP6 that use the cine2 gamma curve, I have however changed the colour to the Pro mode and changed a number of other settings in my last video in Puerto Galera.

The water was green and murky but this gives you an idea of what you can get.

Filter Options and Wide Angle

Although the Nauticam WWL-1 is the best lens for the RX100 it does not take filters and therefore is not adequate for video.

In this review clip you can see the options available on the market.

In terms of wide angle you have two options for 4K:

  1. Inon UWL-H100
  2. Inon UWL-100

Both lenses work fine in 4K however the older UWL-100 achromat does vignette in photo mode.

The UWL-H100 offers a very wide field of view also in HD mode with no vignette and accepts the mangrove/deeproof filter.

This filters is loaded with magenta so I suggest adjusting the tint in the auto white balance mode to +2 green.

The UWL-100 works fine in 4K and is wider than the UWL-H100 however has only the M67 mount. If you have one of those lenses you can use the Ikelite 6442 filter. This filter required you to remove the rubber ring on the lens and does work quite well except has a yellow cast to it you can reduce by changing the tint to +2 blue and increasing also magenta to +1.

For flexibility purposes probably the UWL-H100 is better as it takes the bayonet but the UWL-100 is really wide and has a little less fringing. Some people do like the UR/PRO filters better.

I hope you find this post useful and good luck with getting the best colours from your Sony RX100 Mark IV

19 thoughts on “Getting the best underwater colours for your 4K Sony RX100 Mark IV”

  1. Very helpful video! Thanks a lot.
    So there is no other solution other than filter to get a good ambient light colours with the RX100?
    On your video you make a comment near the end of it about using s-logs can you please provide some more info?
    Thanks again!

    1. S-log will take much more correction in post when combined with an external recorder. Still it will not resolve the issue. 100 mbps is too little to do extensive editing of the native footagr

    1. I have tried mangrove urpro and magic. The best colours are with the magic. Mangrove has purple tinge and urpro yellow cast both need adjustment to the auto white balance settings. Of the three urpro is the one that works better at depth

  2. Are you still shooting on the RX100 mk4? Any thoughts on an upgrade to the mk5 – or to similarly featured 4k rig?

  3. Hi,
    Thank you again for all the excellent info.
    I was wondering if you know what the diiferences are in quality between the ;
    UWL-100 28AD
    and UWL-H100 28LD / 28M67
    Aside from the mount?
    Many Thanks

    1. There are no optical differences however the 28AD only works with the RX100 Mark I and II. The Mark III and IV work best with the nwer UWL-H100 or the Nauticam WWL-1

      1. Thank you. Is that because the never rx100’s are 24mm@ wide rather than 28mm? Would the lens be usable by zooming the lens out to 28mm ?

  4. I would not recommend it as it would vignette too much. For the Mark III and IV get the UWL-H100. Without dome is very wide and has no vignette. With the dome it vignettes a little but nothing major

    1. For what it is worth – I have the WWL1 on RX100MK5. To help color correct, I ordered gel filters from MagicFilters. These are 1mm thick and go inside the port (or taped gently to front of lens as they show). The Auto Magic filter works quite well using auto white balance – except when working shallow and shooting upwards (or into the sun). Manual white balance still not possible – gives the usual error (though I did not think to try with the shots into the sun….). I have not yet tried the blue or green water filters that are stronger….they may give manual white balance.

      The WWL is superb…but heavy. IT also allows a fair bit of zoom – I have it on bayonet mount, but hardly ever remove it. Not unless I go into macro mode.

      The short answer though is that magic filters allow you to do better color with domes wide lenses, cause they go on inside of housing – and take up so little space that camera does not appear to be affected.

  5. Thank you for sharing your reviews and knowledge. Has been very helpful for me. I am wondering if the RX 100 mark V with UWL-H100 will vignette at full wide 24mm in photo mode with or without image stabilization?

      1. Hi, same old question basically.
        Is it worth swapping rx100ii with mk5?
        Shooting wide angle, no macro. Nauticam+Inon H100+dome
        I recall you have changed your rx100ii rig in favour of Canon some time ago.
        What compact would you buy if you were to start from the scratch?
        Thank you

      2. I moved to micro four thirds. Am not sure about housing the new sony the lens is very long. If you end up with a port system I would recommend going micro four thirds and forgetting compacts altogether.

      3. Thanks for that. However, you probably referred to mk6 with their long lens, which probably will be of no use in UW photography.

  6. this is helpful, I picked up ans old UWL-100 type 2 67m thread lens to go on my Fantasea housing with a RX100v. I thought it had alot of vignetting until I got to 35mm which makes sense since it was designed for 35mm. But when i tried in video mode on 4k whala as you say no vignette at 28, or roughly since in video mode it does not tell me the zoom in mm focal length like it does in picture modes. It is very touchy to get exactly the right focal length in the housing. Is there a trick to getting right to 28mm while in a housing? or do you recommend doing it all outside the housing then putting it in then leaving on until you dive? seems wasteful on the short battery.

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